hi there. my name is mark krieger

about me

first and foremost a nice guy, i'm also an entrepreneur, freelance consultant and program director. i'm based out of new york, ny where i live with my husband, two kids and a cat.

i have deep passion for technology, photography, and fixing things. i also leap tall buildings whenever given the chance!

my work

i've worked with most of the premier interactive agencies in ny in many different roles spanning from project management to business reorganization. i have a passion for mentoring and hiring people smarter than i am while fixing problems and improving process.

i'm currently working with the brilliant people at diageo as an operations and project consultant.

my philosophy

mean people suck, but they suck for a reason. usually they feel inadequate, don't have the tools to do their job, are not getting what they want/need, or are just having a bad day. i believe in emotional intelligence and knowing who you are dealing with on a human level. i feel that once you get to the bottom of the issue and address the concerns - great things happen. simply put: if there’s a pink elephant hiding in the closet we are going to dig it out and discuss!

i'm just sayin'.


reach out

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